Find a used vehicle for under $10K at Carbone Toyota of Bennington!

Buying a vehicle, even if it is a used one, is a serious financial undertaking for many shoppers. If you have a really tight budget or perhaps are looking to buy your teen or college student a vehicle that is reliable but won't break the bank, stop into Carbone Toyota of Bennington this week to shop our bargain inventory. The vehicles in this category are all priced under $10K, making them affordable and feasible for even more shoppers.

Of course, you don’t just have to be a young driver or on a tight budget to enjoy these offerings.

  • You can also be a shopper who simply doesn't want to spend a lot on a vehicle (even if you have the funds to do so)
  • You could be a person who needs a second vehicle, like a truck for the weekend yard work/towing a boat or a minivan for family trips
  • You could simply want a fun "play car" like a coupe or convertible for the warmer months
  • You might prefer older body styles or cars with fewer tech features
  • You get the picture!

Because these vehicles do have a lower price tag, you're going to see a wider range of model years. We have some as new as 2015, as well as models dating back to Y2k! However, the most prominent range is from 2014 to 2006. Along with Toyota we also sell other brands like used Honda, Hyundai, Volkswagen, and Chevrolet, to name a popular few.

You can scroll through our inventory to see what catches your eye or you can filter by these popular methods:

  • Body style
  • Transmission
  • Mileage
  • Features (i.e., leather seats, third-row, power-seating, etc.)

For more information on our bargain inventory, including used specials or how to go about the financing process, contact our sales team at 866-980-5603 or drive into our showroom. We're located in Bennington VT and also serve New Yorkers from Troy and Massachusetts residents from Williamstown, Pittsfield, and North Adams!


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