Drive for miles this summer with the Toyota Prius or Prius c

Summer is almost here, which means weddings, 4th of July trips, and vacations are right around the corner. All that driving plus gas that's priced higher during the summer makes owning a hybrid model especially appealing.

If you've been considering alternative vehicles, come into Carbone Toyota of Bennington to check out our Toyota Prius familyselection. We may not have a ton onsite, but if there is one you really want we can work to get it to our Bennington dealership.


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The Prius has been around for years and it still sets the hybrid standard for EPA estimated fuel ratings, plus it has a pretty futuristic look that isn't afraid to say, "yeah, I'm a hybrid. So what?" There are two different styles to choose from, depending on your driving and lifestyle needs.

The average driver: are you mostly driving yourself around? Do you maybe have one kid? If so then the original Toyota Prius is probably the right size for you!

The city-slicker: whether you live in a busy city or commute into one, we know parking can be a challenge and driving around a big vehicle isn't ideal. With the Prius c, you'll get a compact hybrid that can slide into any parallel parking spot, even if another driver edged over the line. This model also has a price point that is appealing to young professionals or parents who drive a Prius and want to get their teen child or college student on the hybrid bandwagon.

Ready to take a leap? Stop into our dealership this week! We'll show you the selection, get you out on a test drive, and answer any questions you have about hybrid ownership. Spoiler alert: it's not challenging at all. You can also check out our other hybrid Toyota models.

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