Test drive a vehicle for several days with Toyota Rent A Car

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At Carbone Toyota of Bennington, we realize the general test driving model that dealerships have been using for decades isn't a great fit for all shoppers. For most people a quick drive around the neighborhood is enough to get a feel, but what if you can relate to the following examples:

  • You're drastically changing vehicle sizes
  • You'll have family on-board
  • You've felt suckered into cars in the past that didn't match your lifestyle
  • You just really want to make sure the vehicle you're test driving is the one to spend your hard-earned money on

If so, we have a way for you to test drive a car for more than 15-20 minutes, so you can really get a feel for it. How? By renting a vehicle with Toyota Rent A Car!

What is TRAC?

Aside from functioning as a car rental location — albeit, a location with well-maintained and stylish cars — we regularly have people use TRAC to do multiple day test drives on vehicle's they're interested in. Having the car for a longer period of time has its obvious benefits. You can go on your normal commute and see how the car feels. You can get out on the highway to see how it handles high speeds. You can check the car's blind spots, cargo area, and child seat latches to see if they'll work for you or if you should look at another model. You also won't feel as pressed for time.

If you're dead set on buying a brand-new vehicle then you can find the same model you drove in our new inventory. However, if you really liked the vehicle you rented, you can actually purchase it and net some impressive savings. Our rental cars are Certified by Toyota and regularly maintained by our technicians, so you can have added peace of mind about their quality.

For more information on Toyota Rent A Car, you can fill out our online form, call us at (802) 447-3321 ext. 4341, or stop into the TRAC center. We're closed on the weekend, but our hours are 8am-5pm during the week.

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