Why you should be buying Genuine Toyota Parts and Accessories

Buying or leasing a vehicle is a big investment, so take care of it by ensuring you only use Genuine Toyota Parts and Accessories on your ride! The easiest way to do that is by coming into our service center. If your vehicle needs a part to go through with maintenance or repairs, our service team will contact the parts center, and they only order Genuine products. If you go to a local mechanic, know that they're probably ordering aftermarket products.

What's wrong with aftermarket parts & accessories?

When you order a Genuine Toyota Part or Accessory, it'll fit into your vehicle perfectly, because they're built based on the model. Let's say you want to get all-weather floormats to protect your Toyota Highlander, along with a cargo tray. When you slide them in, they're going to come right up to the edge and fit every contour and angle. They also have Toyota badging, so you can remind passengers how much you love the brand!

Aftermarket productions might save you a bit of money, but since they are mass produced the fit is often "off". This can affect the longevity, cause faster wear and tear, and lower the optimal performance. If costs are a concern, we suggest checking out the parts specials to see if there are any available coupons.

Below are some popular Genuine Toyota Parts and Accessories

  • Bike & cargo racks
  • Roof rails
  • All-weather floor mats*
  • Cargo bins
  • Organizing bins
  • Door & bumper sill protectors
  • Shades
  • Chrome accents
  • Filters (Air*, cabin*, and oil)
  • Fluids
  • Brake pads
  • Batteries
  • Wipers

Starred items are ones you can easily get at our dealership. If you want to order something else, you can fill out the contact form on the accessories page.

Once the order has arrived, visit our Bennington VT service center for a pickup or an installation if necessary. We serve shoppers from Troy NY, as well as Williamstown, North Adams, and Pittsfield MA, and we look forward to helping you take care of your Toyota.

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